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Midori Yamanaka, Creative Direction


Founding Member of RINNE

Aug 2019 - present

RINNE is a Tokyo based creative team challenging to make the world more fun and sustainable. In February 2020, RINNE opened a bar for everyone to enjoy upcycling DIY while drinking. RINNE will continue to save the earth and our lives.


Freelance Creative Director

July 2013 - present

Has been working for both local and global clients including Samsung (Korea), Penguin Books (UK), Kanno Honey Farm (Okhotsk, Hokkaido, Japan), Usagee (Tokyo, Japan) and Satoshi Arai Office (Sapporo, Japan).



Creative Director at Studio Verno

May 2007 - Aug 2013

Founder and Creative Director at Los Angeles based Creative Service Company, Studio Verno. Worked on many multi-language, multicultural projects in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean as well as English. Worked for great clients, such as Ozeki Sake, Ajinomoto, S&B, Sanyo Eneloop, Hikari Miso, and Royal Elastics.


Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 1.58.52 AM.png

Lead Designer at Hello Design

March 2005 - May 2007

Designed and helped production for various websites including award winning projects, such as USA Network, General Mills (Eat Better America), National Geographic, Huntington Library (Conservatory), and more. Also worked on many business presentation documents for new projects.
USAネットワーク(アメリカのケーブルテレビ局)、ゲネラルミルズ(アメリカの大手食品メーカー)、ナショナルジオグラフィク、ハンティントンライブラリーなど、 いくつもの受賞プロジェクトを含む、さまざまなウェブサイトのデザインと構築に関わる。また、多くのプレゼンテーション資料の作成も。


Design Intern at Brand Integration Group, Oglvy and Mather

June 2004 - Aug 2004

Participated on a few global branding projects and learnt cultural differences and solutions for many different applications in an identity system. Worked with Strategist, Senior Designers, Art Director, Associate Creative Director, as well as other designers.

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