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2020 - 2021

Constitutional Foundations: A Cross-Cultural Series

'Constitutional Foundations' offers Japanese individuals in the USA and Japan an in-depth exploration of the Japanese Constitution and its wider significance.

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Satoru Oshiro (Attorney at Law)

This series was inspired by a personal revelation about the lack of constitutional education in Japan, which became apparent when I saw a friend's second-grade daughter learning about the constitution in a Portland public school. Motivated to address this gap, I partnered with a lawyer teaching at several Japanese universities to create 10 classes that demystify the Japanese Constitution for Japanese residents in both the USA and Japan. The curriculum expanded to include a special session on Okinawa, reflecting participant interest in its unique political and historical role. This series not only covers the constitutional principles but also aims to provide a space for Japanese individuals to engage in the kind of constitutional discourse rarely encountered in their upbringing, fostering a deeper understanding and community dialogue on these essential matters.

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