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Portland Night in Sapporo

'Portland Night in Sapporo,' held in July 2022 at Unwind Hotel Sapporo, united Portland-inspired professionals. My unique experience living in both cities enriched my role as a guest artist, facilitating a deeper cultural understanding among participants from diverse fields like film and brewing.

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Toshiya Kubo, Koichi Miyaguchi (a.k.a. Prince Beer), Yuki Morioka (a.k.a. Falcon), Shinji Oba, and Unwind Hotel Sapporo

This gathering at Unwind Hotel Sapporo brought together diverse voices from the realms of film, brewing, and art, each echoing Portland's inspirational spirit. As the guest artist and a unique link between Portland and Sapporo, my contributions were pivotal. My firsthand understanding of both cultures, languages, and customs allowed me to deepen the discussions, elucidating the reasons and stories behind various topics. This insight helped bridge cultural divides and enhance the audience's comprehension of each speaker's experiences. The event became a dynamic forum for exploring cultural exchange, entrepreneurship, and community ties, underscored by my role in translating and contextualizing the shared influences of these two distinct yet interconnected cities.

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