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Rinne Project – Upcycle + Culture + Creativity

Rinne: A Portland-inspired creative reuse initiative in Japan, fostering social practice and cultural exchange through upcycling

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Sachiyo Kojima, Haruko Nishida, Yuichi Maegawa, Akiko Maegawa, Yui Kohara, Kanako Sekimoto, Yuji Yamakawa, RINNE, Scrap PDX

Rinne, a social business inspired by Portland's creative spirit and based in Japan, aspires to establish Japan's first creative reuse center. Our initial venture, the Rinne bar in Tokyo, serves as an upcycle craft bar blending the art of creative reuse with Japan's popular "Nominication" (drink-communication) culture. Leveraging our deep understanding of cultural nuances between Portland and Japan, we aim to showcase the joy and potential of upcycling. Through Rinne, we seek to boost creative confidence and spark a movement for positive change, building an experimental social network dedicated to fostering community ties and promoting cultural exchange. Our goal is to not only entertain but also to empower, encouraging a broader vision of sustainability and creativity.

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