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2024 - current

The Mural at PSU White Gallery

The Mural Project at PSU White Gallery, initiated by the Social Practice Club in Winter 2024, is a beacon of socially engaged art. This evolving mural, open to everyone, intertwines art and social practice, inviting the PSU community into a dynamic creative process.

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Nina Vichayapai, Simeen Anjum, Clara Harlow, Gilian Rappaport, Willikanna Wallace, Io Boerke, Kaylee Neznanski, Isaac Odai, Jamie Armitage

This project transcends traditional art boundaries, evolving continuously within the White Gallery. It's a unique canvas, embracing inputs from all corners of the PSU community, reflecting a tapestry of collective creativity. As a contributing member of the Social Practice Club, I participate in this inclusive and dynamic process. The mural, in its fluidity, becomes more than an art installation; it's a journey of exploration and learning for those who engage with it.

Throughout the term, the mural transforms, offering an immersive educational experience in art and social practice. This openness demystifies the art-making process, inviting observers to interact with, and even join in the creation. The project thus becomes a living document of community engagement and artistic expression.

The inclusive nature of the mural, welcoming contributions from diverse participants, reinforces the communal aspect of learning and creativity. It exemplifies how art can serve as a medium for connection, conversation, and understanding within an educational setting. This Mural Project, fostered by the Social Practice Club, is a vibrant example of how art can bridge gaps and foster a sense of community, epitomizing the essence of social practice in the arts.

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