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2015 - 2017

The Satoshi Arai Political Campaign

A dynamic research and practice initiative aimed at enhancing community engagement and political awareness through participatory action.

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Chiho Kato, Satoshi Arai, Manabu Komori, Hideshi Tsunematsu, Miki Sano, Office of Satoshi Arai

The Satoshi Arai Political Campaign embarked as a series of talk sessions, gathering individuals aged 20 to 40 with diverse political perspectives. These discussions, rich in variety and depth, were transformed into an insightful article published in a magazine and an accompanying short video, extending the reach of our conversations.

Spurred by the success and engagement of these sessions, my team and I expanded the project. We ventured into various cafes, transforming them into open forums for political dialogue, inviting passersby to join and share their views in a casual yet thought-provoking setting. This approach not only democratized the discussion of politics but also fostered a sense of community and active citizenship among participants.

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