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2021 - present

Traveling Classroom

An innovative, ongoing hybrid class in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima, Japan, that explores cultural exchange and broadens students' horizons beyond traditional English lessons.

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Emiko Nakazawa, Yu Endo, Saiki High School students, and Saiki branch of Hatsukaichi City.

'Traveling Classroom' originated when the City of Hatsukaichi, specifically the Saeki branch, was in search of an English teacher. A community leader from Hatsukaichi-city referred me while I was in Portland, OR. Though the position intrigued me, my passion wasn't in traditional English teaching but rather in sparking interest and cultural exchange among students in this unique, rural high school setting.

Supported by two local friends, we initiated an unprecedented concept: "a class that travels (virtually/imaginatively/and potentially, in the future, physically)." This class wasn't designed to be a typical language course. Instead, it's an immersive journey into different cultures, worlds, and life perspectives, aiming to enrich the students' educational experience.

Challenging yet exhilarating, the 'Traveling Classroom' pushes educational boundaries, offering students in Hatsukaichi a window into the vast, diverse world beyond their classroom.

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