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What is your name?

"What is your name?" combines Japanese calligraphy and storytelling, offering a distinctive cultural exchange. This project delves into identity and cultural significance, capturing participants' names and stories in calligraphy, thus creating a collective narrative of diverse personal experiences.

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Portland State University, all participants who signed up

In the "What is your name?" project, participants at the Farmers Market at King School as a part of Assembly 2023 - AN ART + SOCIAL PRACTICE GATHERING engage in a unique cultural dialogue through Japanese calligraphy. Sharing their names and stories, they choose between Katakana or Kanji for their calligraphic representation, adding a personal touch to the artwork. I create each piece while holding their hand, embedding their narratives into calligraphy, fostering a connection that transcends cultural boundaries.

This exchange extends to collecting stories, forming a living anthology that symbolizes the project's rich tapestry of personal connections. Participants leave with their personalized calligraphy, a physical memento of cultural discovery and connection. This project, deeply meaningful to me, also serves as a tribute to my Sho mentor, Shofu Wakayama sensei, honoring his legacy in my artistic expression.

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