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Untraditional CV

Community Related Experience

Growing up in a family that ran a local newspaper company, the concept of community has always been an integral part of my life. I am perpetually curious about what makes a community special: its members, its history, how it operates, and its aspirations for the future.

I've learned that communication is a vital key for any community. Effective communication not only encourages people but also empowers the entire community. My PR work for the Yosakoi Soran Festival was instrumental in gaining sponsors, participants, and audience by spreading excitement and awareness, contributing to the community's fulfillment and the event’s success. Seeking out engaging news resources for the press also honed my observational skills and creativity. Healthy communication is essential to understand others and maintain connectivity within a community.

I am often responsible for communication within a community and to the public, and this has become a significant part of my career. Currently, I serve as a communication hub for Oya No Kai, coordinating programs with various organizations in Portland and Japan. I excel at synthesizing ideas and initiating action.

Educational Experience

In Japan, students are required to decide on their major before entering college. In high school, my interests spanned a wide range of fields, including political science, broadcasting, and art. To accommodate my diverse interests, I chose liberal arts as my first major, allowing me to study a broad foundation. Upon moving to the United States for further study, my goal was to gain not only academic knowledge and a bachelor's degree but also hands-on creative skills. At ArtCenter, I focused on branding and total visual communication. Beyond learning the basics of design, I delved into the development of culture and values in people’s minds.

A well-designed poster can be attractive, but an entire campaign, with its variety of formats, carries more information and offers greater accessibility. All communication pieces, including taglines, visuals, music, space, interface, and experience, gradually build up a particular image or world in our minds. I've always been fascinated by this result and the process behind it. ArtCenter was also a hub of collaboration. Being a studio-focused institution offering nine other majors at that time, students from different disciplines frequently worked together on projects. In essence, collaboration was not just encouraged; it was essential. This environment taught me how to seek help, communicate effectively with collaborators and volunteers, and the importance of sharing the excitement.

Teaching Experience

Growing up with three younger siblings, I naturally began paying attention to others and tended to nurture them. This innate tendency was recognized by others; one friend affectionately called me "mom," while another compared me to a grandmother figure. I've always taken such remarks as compliments, though I've been careful not to let my caring nature overextend into my friendships. Noticing people’s behavior and feelings has significantly enhanced my ability to understand others.

In college, an instructor observed my potential as a teacher. Initially uncertain, I later recognized that my life had been rich with educational experiences, and indeed, I had a natural talent for instruction. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas with students and participants has always been fulfilling for me. My interest in education deepened significantly after becoming a mother and making informed choices about schools and educational environments for my daughter and myself, furthered by my exploration of various educational philosophies and systems.

Traditional and Not-So-Traditional Art Practice

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